Where it began and up to this point in August 2016


I grew up on an organic farm and so from an early age I was blessed with the understanding of how food should be pure and nutritious when it arrives in our mouths.  At that time I had no interest in farming so I joined Australia Post for 10 years at which time I changed career to the Queensland Police Service where upon I received a hep B vaccine bioweapon during police training and that woke me up to how damaging vaccines are as my life force was stolen by the criminal corporations.  


I was suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and so began my quest to restore my life force. After 5 years I discovered oxygen therapies to substantially heal myself and it's where I first learnt about the importance of cell respiration and Adenosine Tri Phospate levels.  

Then 22 years as a police officer which included investigating the deaths of babies soon after they were given vaccines and then helping the falsely accused parents who are double victims who lose their baby, are most times demonised by the media, then imprisoned as baby killers and often assaulted by zombie prisoners. We all need to realise the full implications of this high crime.  My career ended suddenly at the hands of dishonest high ranking police who are brainwashed by Rockefeller medicine corruption.

Whenever babies are assaulted with vaccines it causes cerebral cortex (brain) swelling which is a brain injury that can result in death and the Queensland Police Service and most western police establishments then rely on doctors who vaccinate to supply so called 'professional evidence' against parents and baby sitters who are falsely accused of assaulting or shaking babies and often end up being imprisoned. The media refuse to report this massive story so please share this video to save babies the agony caused by vaccine bioweapons and to stop the additional crime of innocent parents or baby sitters being sent to prison!


Then my own family cohesion was totally disrupted by phytoestrogen from Black Cohosh herb contain in a product called '30Plus' which occupies the hormone receptor site of the corpus luteum and turns down progesterone and also the Thyroid which in turn leads to an Endocrine crisis. Thereafter they blame others for their stress and hate overwhelmes love. This drove me to learn about the Endocrine and what causes Endocrine disruption and how to restore the transmission of love in relationships.


I also discovered the truth about Dr Lugol's Iodine. That it is an essential element for cell function. Dr Sircus showed me how to have higher doses of Lugols Iodine to restore sleep by decalcifying the Pineal. My brother and I then manufactured Lugols Iodine and made it available at a lower price.  

I realised the rule of thumb is whatever Rockefeller medicine says, its better to take responsibility for oneself or or do the exact opposite after having done the research. Check the a periodic table (column 17) Halogens and see how the top lighter weight Fluoride is touted as good and the heavier Iodine is bad. That is a classic example of dishonestly interpreted science. Lugols Iodine is not a poison and high doses are absolutely wonderful. Here are: Dose recommendations


The Ancient Magnesium Chloride oil with Boron and MSM Sulphur (not to be confused with Magnesium Sulphate which is toxic) discovery has been incredible for everyone to give them better sleep, strong teeth, remineralised bones and keep the love flowing powerfully and naturally. I found out that application of Magnesium oil eliminates muscle tension and calcification knots. The Ancient Magnesium also builds love and removes stress.  

I experimented with intravenous infusions of Magnesium Chloride to overcome high sugar levels and after two infusions my sugar normalised. So excited by this I offered IV kits on Facebook and was promptly visited by TGA officials who's written  warning which instructed me to desist.


As a result I journeyed to Bali and it led to truly amazing discovery of the calcification epidemic that made me realise all Australians are blocked up with calcification and needed help cleaning this out and so I assisted in the intravenous infusions of Magnesium Chloride and DMSO that decalcified arteries and organs and restored degraded necks, hips and spines. Brains were also cleaned of vaccine ingredients.

The recipients of the treatment healed demineralised hips and backs. Also decalcified necks and a scoliosis patient restored 80% before treatment was cut short by the next event.

I got my second taste of Rockefeller medical tyranny courtesy of the Australian skeptic marxists due to the Indonesian government being informed. I had to leave Bali or face 5 years in an Indonesian prison. A cat and mouse situation then ensued to avoid the authorities and safely leave Bali.  This is what we the people are up against...Rockefeller Medicine. The corporate media published the following story.


After arriving back in Queensland I assisted Bec Coombes with a brain tumour. These conditions always point to high levels of brain toxicity and upon receiving the iv infusion she misread the discomfort that the infusion was toxic but in fact it was all the brain toxicity coming out that gave rise to the cancer. As a result she discontinued after one infusion and I gave her knowledge of how to otherwise take control of her health. She repaid my kindness with evil actions.

  "We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live,"

wrote a Merck & Co. employee who was actively plotting to murder or otherwise destroy the reputation of doctors who had voiced concerns regarding the adverse health effects of an anti-inflammatory drug called Vioxx.

The media in Australia and New Zealand follow the same method as Merck. They seek to destroy any who dare challenge what the brainwashing makes sacrosanct.


Thereafter I traveled to New Zealand and in an act of kindness helped Murray W, who was vaccine injured when young, who then received 2 x infusions and was on the road to recovery but he read some media misinformation in this story which programmed his easily influenced outlook into adding weight to a 'police witch hunt' against me and thereafter failed to properly monitor his blood sugar levels, coupled with a cavalier approach to insulin causing energy loss that prompted a calculating call for ambulance and disclosure enroute to hospital. I wish to thank the Registrar of the Hawks Bay Hospital for his honesty as evidenced by this excerpt from his report confirmed Murray W's hospitalisation was due to his diabetic condition not the magnesium infusion.

Meanwhile back in Australia, the woman I helped with the brain tumour then read the media misinformation about Murray W landing in hospital after my treatment' and co-operated with the agents of Rockefeller medicine and spoke to biased media Newscorp journalist Cindy Wockner who wrote more misinformation about the magnesium and DMSO being 'dark' medicine and failing to address the issue that pharmaceutical poisons like vaccines in Bec Coombes' brain being removed was the cause of the discomfort she experienced.

Furthermore both Cindy Wockner of Newscorp at the Courier Mail in Brisbane and Simon Hendery of Fairfax media in Napier NZ are both aware of my assertions that chemo therapy is actually chlorine the same as which was used in Mustard Gas which is infused into sick people to create indiscriminate cell damage to both the good and bad cells. This is 'dark' medicine and the sickness and deaths it causes is proof of how dark it is.  

Contrast this with the fact that the media is comfortable with inflammatory lies about me but fail to address the massive elephant in the room that of vaccines causing inflammation of the cerebral cortex (brains) that lead to injury and death of babies.

Dr Russell Blaylock explains this process from a scientific angle in the following presentation:

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